Molecular analysis of biomolecules

Molecular analysis of biomolecules




Anacyte Laboratories is dedicated to facilitate and improve molecular analyses of biomolecules. Anacyte develops state of the art systems for bio-molecule analyses in the post-genomic era of sciences, focusing on understanding of genetic circuits, which enable sophisticated regulatory networks to specify cells´ fate, development and function.


WHAT IS CellCover

CellCover is a non-toxic formulation for protecting DNA, RNA and protein in human and animal solid tissues, including tumors, white blood cells and cultured cells (adherent, suspension, spheroids). It was developed for fast “one step” stabilizing of biomolecules in tissue specimens and cultured cells.


As soon as cells get exposed to CellCover their metabolic state is frozen without applying low temperatures- liquid frozen. Synthesis and turnover of bio-molecules are stalled. This includes instant disruption of cellular degradation pathways. Chemical degradation is inhibited with CellCover as well, both leading to exceptional stabilization of DNA, RNA and protein. 


If treated with CellCover liquid freezing, cells grown on almost any substrate maintain in vivo morphology without chemical crosslinking of biomolecules. Compared to conventional formaldehyde fixation, formalin sensitive epitopes are readily accessible for antibodies in immunohistochemical experiments. A unique and special feature of CellCover liquid freezing is that you can perform additional molecular analysis on cells already analysed on morphological or molecular level: DNA, RNA (with high RINs) or protein can be isolated for subsequent applications after initial IHC, ICC or FACS analyses. Even integrity of high molecular weight RNA is protected (e.g precurser rRNA, which are normally degradated after applying commonly used standards procedures) - and there is no need to hurry!


These unique properties now enable new types of analyses of cellular functions. With CellCover liquid freezing, subpopulations of cells can be separated according to known properties by flow cytometry and subsequently analysed for gene expression profiles on RNA or on protein-level. Thus, with CellCover liquid freezing it is easy to link transcriptome and proteome of a given cell population. 

In comparison to commonly used molecular biological methods, CellCover adds following new analytical tools to bio-molecular research:

  • Stabilize RNA and Protein simultaneously for several days, without doubt of molecule integrity
  • Reliable analysis HMW-RNA and low stability enzymes even after day of storage
  • Apply immunohistochemistry on formalin sensitive epitopesApply in situ hybridization for analysis of gene expression
  • Store cells conveniently for several days without change of protein or RNA expression profile or change in cells morphology as found with methanol
  • Isolate subpopulations by flow cytometry based on protein labelling and perform subsequent transcriptome and/or proteome (MALDI) analyses



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11 March 2019


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