Nanotrap® Magnetic Virus Particles


Nanotrap® Magnetic Virus Particles (STRECK)


Nanotrap Magnetic Virus Particles concentrate SARS-CoV -2 from wastewater samples without ultracentrifugation or filtration. 

Replace filtration and ultracentrifugation methods, without sacrificing assay sensitivity!


  • Designed to capture and concentrate a variety of viruses.
  • Offers a simple and rapid approach for concentration of SARS-CoV-2 from large volume wastewater samples.
  • Utilizes affinity capture and enrichment technology to bind low abundance targets.
  • Wastewater processing protocols available for manual or automated workflows.
  • Compatible with RT-qPCR, RT-ddPCR and sequencing based analysis methods.


  • Increase sensitivity of existing SARS-CoV-2 assay by capturing and concentrating whole virus.
  • Use without the need to filter the raw wastewater samples.
  • Process samples 20 times faster than other methods.
  • Improve Ct values by at least 1-2 cycles in wastewater samples when used with Nanotrap Enhancement Reagent.



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