Novel technology for cfDNA Isolation


MAGicBead™ cfDNA Isolation Kit (Zymo Research)

The new MAGICbeadTM cfDNA kit enables high-yield extraction of cfDNA from plasma and other biofluids with a novel DNA binding/release mechanism. 


  • Highest Yield: Robust cfDNA isolation from up to 10 mL plasma w/ unique MAGicBead™ surface technology
  • NGS-Ready: High-quality cfDNA from plasma, saliva, urine, etc. is ideal for NGS
  • Compatible: With all open automation platforms and most blood collection tube types 
  • Fragment Sizes:  For plasma samples, DNA fragments will typically display a mono-nucleosomal peak in the 140-170 bp range and a genomic DNA fragments peak > 10 kb.
  • Processing Time:1-1.5 hour (~15 minutes hands-on time)

A Simple, streamlined extraction process with minimal number of steps.


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