Free 16S Bioinformatics Analysis with purchase of Quick-16S NGS Library Prep Kit (Zymo Research)

Get a free 16S Bioinformatics Analysis

with purchase of Quick-16S NGS Library Prep Kit (Zymo Research) 


The Quick-16S NGS Library Prep Kit and included Quick-16S Primer Sets enable users to convert up to 96 DNA samples to a single, ready-to-sequence 16S library without the need for additional reagents. A streamlined protocol simplifies primer management and eliminates numerous cleanups and quantifications. The best phylogenetic coverage is made possible by innovative new primers that allow users to choose which region of the 16S genome to target.


  • Fastest: Only 1.5 hours of hands-on time. No Tapestation® analysis or AMPure® clean-ups.
  • Accurate: Utilization of real-time PCR limits PCR chimera formation.
  • Increased Coverage: Novel primers increase phylogenetic coverage of Bacteria and Archaea and enable species-level resolution for human microbiome profiling.


Minimize PCR Chimera Formation Best Phylogenetic Coverage

The Quick-16S NGS Library Prep Kit minimizes PCR chimera formation compared to two common protocols: Human Microbiome Project (HMP) and Earth Microbiome Project (EMP). Equivalent amounts of the same fecal DNA sample        were used as input. Chimeric sequences were predicted        with Uchime.

A. The Quick-16S Primer Set V1-V2 includes coverage of common human-associated microbes, including Bifidobacterium, Propionibacterium, and Chlamydia, which are missed in common V1-V2 or V1-V3 primers.
B. The Quick-16S Primer Set V3-V4 provides up to 87% coverage for archaea, organisms commonly found in the human gut. However, the common V3-V4 primers provide 0% coverage for archaea.
















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